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Spare Parts

Spare parts for our furniture raiser range, incl. insert blocks and bolt sets. 

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SureGrip Adaptor with Adhesive Pad

Allows the SureGrip raisers to be used with block feet.

SureGrip Foot Pad

Set of 12 spare foot pads to sit onto the SureGrip raisers.

SureGrip Raiser Link Arms

Set of 2 link arms for the Sure Grip Raiser.

Furniture Raiser Spare Parts

Spare parts for our furniture raisers.
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Spreader Bar and Bolt

MPR Component Part - Used to link two MPR units.

Elephant Feet Insert

Slip resistant insert to fit into our Elephant Feet furniture raisers.

Insert Blocks

Insert blocks for the NLP and JLP furniture raisers.

Bolt Set

Bolt set for use with the Multi Purpose Raiser.