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Gordon Ellis & Co is the undisputed market leader in raised toilet seats, bath seats, grab bars and a whole range of other items designed to benefit older or less able people, whether in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Gordon Ellis & Co have acquired Safe and Sound Products (SASPL), adding new hearing and visual impairment products into their healthcare range. Continue reading

We understand the need for affordable, quality products which will aid the independence of your clients. All of our products are designed or sourced with the needs of the client first and foremost.

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Furniture Raising: Download our brochure

Dignity Commode: more information about our portable wash-dry bidet commode

Langham Raiser Training: Taking raisers to new heights
COT certified furniture raiser training is available for you and your colleagues, please call our customer service team on 01332 850 277 to book your session.
Endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists until 2013

Our product design team puts thought and creativity into the design of new products. Our products are regularly evaluated from conception to market launch by professionals, such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists, with feedback from the users of the products themselves.

Testimony to the company's innovation and commitment to the healthcare industry is the host of design awards it has won.

All medical devices are CE marked to meet the requirements of the European Union Medical Devices Directorate.

Contact us for details of shipping outside the UK